Strawberries Commission

A week ago I was lucky enough to be part of the California Strawberries Farm Tour and Culinary Event, thanks to the California Strawberry Commission. Along with several other bloggers, I got spend two days down in sunny Santa Cruz learning about strawberries and enjoying strawberry-themed cuisine. Read on for lots of photos and lots of strawberries hifu facial

All photos without the watermark are courtesy of the CA Strawberries Commission.

Here we all are at the welcome cocktail reception. I’ve found that one of the best side benefits of going on these trips is that it provides a great opportunity to connect with other bloggers, sometimes ones outside of my usual food blogger circles. Although I also love meeting bloggers wherever I go, from conferences to parties I find the small group atmosphere and extended schedule of these trips are so much more conducive to really getting to know people. A list of these lovely ladies and their blogs is at the bottom of this post Yoga Island east.

Our home base in Santa Cruz was the Chaminade, a retreat-style resort tucked up in the Santa Cruz mountains. The flower gardens on the grounds were in full bloom when I drove up, a heady welcome University Fellow.

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